Instagram photos bring young couples together

Instagram photographs serve as matchmaker for users of the service

Courtesy of ABC News — Instagram has taken a lot of criticism in recent months due to changes in its terms of service, but that has not stopped the photo sharing site from helping users fall in love.  The photographs shared on Instagram have been the catalyst for a couple of new romances.

Bailey Gate started following the hashtag #northwestisbest, which featured photographs of Washington State and the surrounding areas.  Gate noticed the submissions of another user, Ryan Williams, and began to show an interest in his photographs.  Gate started to comment on Williams’ work and vice versa.


(Bailey Gate and Ryan Williams met via using the Instagram photo sharing service. / Bailey Gate’s Instagram)

The two Instagram users soon decided to meet and eventually became a couple.

When describing what attracted her to Williams’, Gate said, “His pictures weren’t artsy but he had a lot of outdoor photos and that’s something I’m really into. I was attracted to the different things he seemed to be attracted to.”

A similar situation happened between Instagram users Robin Coe and Matt Flemming, but distances proved to be an issue.  Coe lived in Toronto, while Flemming lived in the area of Northern California.  Thanks to Instagram, though, a long distance relationship developed between the two users.

For more information on this and the young couples, visit the original article at http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/valentines-day-couples-fall-love-photo-instagram/story?id=18495362


Yes, I couldn’t get past doing a Valentine’s Day related post.  I did, however, keep it associated with photography so there’s that for you.

I’ve had my issues with Instagram in the past, and while I’m still not a user of the service, I can understand why people are drawn to it.  I’ve always been against the constant use of camera phones in certain situations, but even I have started to use it for promotional purposes when I’m at events or similar activities.  I can’t say if I’ll ever get on Instagram, but my stance has somewhat softened to it.

I do, however, like the fact that people were able to come together and find each other through photography.  The particular style or medium didn’t matter.

I’ll always be in favor of photography or any hobby/creative outlet bringing people together.  There… that’s my Valentine’s Day sentiment/gushing for the year.  I hope you enjoyed it.

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